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Scare USA is an award winning company with a Haunted Attraction that brings you the finest in fear.  In 2013, Scare USA was formed.  John has been developing this his whole life --- haunting; once a hobby, has become a seasonal business that has a dedicated year 'round crew.  Proudly providing an outlet at Scare USA for 150+ volunteers since 2013.  We strive to create original sets, costumes, properties and overall a thrilling experience to thousands of customers each year.

John began entertaining at a young age, quickly favoring Halloween over any other holiday.  His passion is to create, to be artistic, to entertain people, and to do so in any way possible.  His resume stands tall, for he has been established in the entertainment industry for over two decades.  John's experience ranges in DJ and Emcee, Voice-over, Acting, TV and Film, also being an affiliate of the Haunted Attraction industry since 1998.

Our Mission beyond scarring customers, is to find ways to support each other and our community.  We are consistently providing support for those in the addiction recovery community as well as other communities we connect with.  Scare USA has become an outlet, an escape, a place to help discover yourself.  Spreading love and joy, sharing our experiences, our stories can help change a life, one-day-at-a-time.  We believe together as a team we can be the change but as individuals we can be the difference.

Learn more about our Care Program and Join Our Team Today!

Scare USA voted as Wisconsin's Scariest Haunted Attraction and rated as one of America's Best Haunted Attractions in Coaster Nation, Travel Wisconsin, Haunted Attraction Association, Scare Factor, and more.

Schwarz Marine _ Scare USA Haunted House
Scare USA Haunted Attraction - The Schwa

(History of) The Schwarz Marine Co. was founded in 1945 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin and operated in that city until 1950.  The firm had to move to a new location in 1950 due to a zoning ordinance conflict.  Their decision was to move the entire operation to the City of Two Rivers.

Since moved to Two Rivers, the former Schwarz Marine Company had built boats in both aluminum and steel from 30' to 70' in length.  The yard area, located on the East Twin River, is now home to Scare USA, (since 2013)

The Haunting Experiences --- It's been said that the building is haunted by the former owners and employees as the grueling sounds of machines are still frequently heard...and at times one can still hear the footsteps and movements of shipbuilders passed.

WARNING: The entire building and property, including all areas of the Haunted Attraction are under 24/7 video surveillance.  The Two Rivers Police Department routinely patrols the premises.  The property is off limits to the public during closed hours of the attraction and the owners have posted, "no trespassing" --- trespassers will be prosecuted without hesitation, no excpetions.

Scare USA Haunted Attraction - The Schwa
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