Do you want to make a difference in the Haunt community and/or the Community at large?  Scare USA does not discriminate and we strive to be role models for everyone on many different levels.  We believe together as a team we can be the change but as individuals we can be the difference.  If you are interested in joining our Scare Team, Care Team or to learn more about who we are and what we offer please contact us.

Donations to help support Scare USA Care Team and the anti-bully campaign, Don't Be A Monster, and other organizations we support are welcome, please contact us.

- Scare USA Management 


You will be contacted when audition information is released or when openings become available.   Scare USA is volunteer based.   Must be at least 16 years of age with legal guardian permission to officially join Scare USA.

Thank you for registering. Scare USA may contact you when positions are available. Thank you!