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Listed are some of the most frequently asked questions about Scare USA with answers.


1) What is the age requirement to get into Scare USA?  There is no age requirement but we do not recommend anyone under the age of 14 for the Main event and 17 for the Blackout Experience event without parent guardian.  Please do not bring your infant to any nighttime ticketed events.


2) When are you open?  We are open every Friday and Saturday this fall, starting the final weekend of September through the last weekend in October.  CLICK HERE for schedule details.

3) How long is the wait?  Depending on the weather and the date, the waiting can be anywhere between 30 minutes to 120 minutes.  We recommend you arrive early and please dress for the appropriate weather conditions.


4) How long does it take to walk through?  The average pace recorded is 18-24 minutes.  This varies between groups based on the pace you walk, (running is not allowed). 


5) Does Scare USA change each year?  Yes.  We strive to create fresh, unique sets, intense scares, original costumes with highly trained performers and we listen to customers, providing a fun and exciting experience.

6) Will the actors touch us?  Yes it could happen.  Sometimes props and performers accidentally come into contact with customers, it's not always preventable.


7) Group discounts?  LIKE/FOLLOW our Social Media pages for all discount information. ​


8) Is it scary?  It is absolutely terrifying, bring a change of pants!


9) Is the building haunted?  There have been unexplained noises and happenings in the past.  Do not attempt to investigate or document this without written consent from the Scare USA owner.  The building is under 24/7 surveillance.  The Two Rivers Police Department patrols the premise regularly.

10) Are you affiliated with any other haunted houses?  Sometimes patrons confuse us with other attractions that were once in operation, or currently operating in Manitowoc County, we are not them and have no immediate affiliation with them.  We are our own unique brand and experience designed specially for you.


11) Are there Behind The Scenes Tours available?  For media only.  We are preparing to offer a "Behind the Scenes" experience in the future, stay tuned!


12) Can we use our phones?  The illumination on an electronic device can be dangerous and harmful to our performers eyes as well as yours and other guests.  Do not use your phones to light your pathways.  You will be approached by Scare USA Management if your phone becomes a distraction or problem. ​


13) Can we take pictures and videos inside the attraction area at Scare USA?  We encourage all guests to capture their experience pre/post-entering the attraction!  Photo and Video is not allowed inside the attraction areas.  If your phone becomes a distraction or a problem for our performers or other guests, you will be approached by Scare USA Management and you and your group will be escorted out of the attraction with no refund.

14) What happens if it rains?  We are open rain or shine, always dress accordingly.  If there are delays, interruptions or announcements, we will post directly onto our Social Media pages and notify guests on-site at Scare USA.

If your questions were not answered please contact us.

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